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Welcome to the Hawk's Family!

Fall Cheer & Dance

Registration for Fall 2019– NOW OPEN!!! (August - October)


2019 - Fall Cheer Team: $245 


The upcoming 2019 Cheer and Dance Season will be headed up by our awesome Cheer Coordinator, Jessica Van Riper!

The Hawks will be working to connect with our local high schools, RHS, LCHS, WHS to create a parallel training program that will prepare our athletes to grow into their high school cheer and dance programs. We will be looking to our high school teams, for skilled demonstrators to work closely with each of our teams.


More Coaches Needed!! If you are interested, please contact us! 


Questions ?’s… Please contact [email protected] 



Center Ridge Hawks Cheer & Dance is dedicated to providing youth spirit athletes the opportunity to participate in an organized sports program, under the instruction and supervision of experienced, trained, background-checked adults…with the mission of teaching our participants the fundamentals of cheerleading and dance, along with the importance of scholarship, citizenship, teamwork, athleticism and discipline. We aim to grow strong young athletes and successful, capable, kind human beings!



Pop Warner Spirit teams have participated for several decades on the football sidelines (Pep Squads, Majorettes, etc.); however, cheerleading was not officially introduced until the 1970’s.

Today, thousands of youth participate in Pop Warner Cheerleading & Dance teams around the United States.

The Cheer & Dance Program offers teams a wide range of opportunities for young athletes at all skill levels: Novice, Intermediate and Advanced.

Pop Warner has established one set of spirit rules along with JAMZ, the Pop Warner Education Development Partner and the original developer of the Youth Cheer and Dance Alliance (YCADA). 

Together with YCADA, Pop Warner is able to provide online educational courses for its coaches, administrators and judges on team skill levels for Cheer Teams (PW 1, 2, 3 & 4) and for Dance Teams (Pom Performance & Theme Dance). Beginning this year, hands on training is to be made available by our local region, as well. Additional training in CPR, first-aid, sports safety, concussion, and sudden cardiac arrest are also available and highly encouraged.

With continued education, the Pop Warner Coaching Staff provides quality, structured instruction, training and conditioning, for both football game sideline and competition performances.

Teams participate on the sidelines at football games for home and most away games, start of season through local and regional playoffs, all the way to the Pop Warner Super Bowl. In addition to game days, cheer and dance teams participate in qualifying spirit event competitions (League and Regional), with opportunity to advance all the way through to the Pop Warner National Championships.

The Pop Warner National Cheer and Dance Championships (started in 1988) are now held in December, at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports Complex in Kissimmee, Florida.

Pop Warner exists to use football, cheerleading, dance and a respect for education to develop strong, smart, responsible, healthy young men and women. We give them experiences that build their appreciation for and understanding of leadership, teamwork, and discipline.

Pop Warner Little Scholars, Inc. (PWLS) is the only national youth sports organization in America that requires its participants to perform adequately in the classroom before permitting them to play.

We believe that the standards we have set give these children a sense of responsibility and an appreciation for academics and athletics that will help them develop later on in life.



**Pop Warner sets the limits on teams, depending on the number of adult coaches.  A small squad consists of 12 cheerleaders and requires 2 adult coaches.  A medium squad consists of 24 or fewer not below 13 cheerleaders and requires 3 coaches.  A large squad consists of 25-35 cheerleaders and 4 coaches.  There are no tryouts.  However, the cheer coordinator assigns participants to teams on a first-come, first served basis; based on age, date of registration, payment, and experience to make a team complete (i.e., tumblers and flyers).  Prior head coach recommendations are also considered.

Participants may request to participate on a particular team, but we do not guarantee that the request will be granted.  If your cheerleader is returning, they will be placed on teams based on age, and the discretion of the Cheer Coordinators and Head Coach.


Teams have the option, upon approval by the LCDC and RCDC, of choosing to be a declared a Cheer/Dance Dual Team. The following rules apply:

*All members of the rostered team (including coaching staff) must participate in both the cheer team and the dance team.

*Must follow all Pop Warner registration, age division, participation, practice and game rules.

*NOTE: No additional practice time will be allowed.

*Must follow all Cheer Rules for cheer team and Dance Rules for dance teams.

*A portion of the dance routine will be incorporated into the dance portion of the cheer routine.

*Teams will cheer and dance during games and dance during halftime.

*Teams will wear traditional cheer uniforms for games.

*Both the Cheer and Dance comp routines will compete and be scored at the League level.

*The Dance routine will automatically advance to regionals and nationals, as Pop Warner continues to encourage the growth of the Dance program.

*The Cheer routine will advance based only on the Cheer advancement rules from the Pop Warner Rule Book.

*Parents will commit to the advancement process and the possibility of competing twice at the league and region levels, and possibly twice at nationals.

*Parents will understand and commit, upfront, to the possibility of attending nationals and a Disney package that may include enough days to compete as a cheer team in their division and a dance team in their division.

*Parents also need to be made aware of the need for 2 comp uniforms (the regular cheer uniform, and a dance costume which is afforded with the additional $50 fee).

*Fundraising should be committed to by the parents and begin immediately for the auto advancing dance portion of this dual team.

***Mighty Mites and above are eligible for Regionals and Nationals. Thus, Mighty and above will be considered for this program.

***Participants will be selected by the Head Coach for this special team, based on interest, skills, and family commitment.



Team placements will be announced in the second week of practice!  We cannot announce teams prior to that time until all registrations are finished and skills have been assessed. Changes in rosters may be made after that date due to late registrations, drop outs, or eligibility issues.



The season begins August 1st!  The regular season runs through the end of October.  The season will continue through the end of November if the team qualifies for regional’s or through mid-December if the team qualifies for Nationals.  Cheer & Dance will also continue with sideline game duties, if their assigned football qualifies for playoffs, which will then also lead into November.

During the month of August, practices are held 5 days a week M-Fr, in the evening.  Each practice is 2 hours.  During the months of September and October, the practice schedule is reduced to 3 days per week; 2 hours each practice.  In addition, cheerleaders and dancers perform at one football game per week, which are typically held on Sundays, and an occasional Saturday.  Parents are responsible for transporting their athletes to all games and practices.

If a cheer and dance squads qualify for Regionals, practices will continue throughout the month of November with regional competition being held the weekend before Thanksgiving, in San Jose, CA. 

If a team qualifies for nationals, practices will continue thru the first week of December, and travel to Orlando, Florida will take place the second week of December.

The specific weekly practice schedule will be determined based on facility availability and team placement. The Cheer Coordinators and Head Coaches will issue the practice schedule, and attempt to give at least a week’s notice if changes become necessary.



Due to the nature of the sport, practices missed by one cheerleader can have a significant negative impact on the entire squad, particularly on the stunt team. Though we allow some flexibility for pre-arranged vacations and illness, August is a critical month where skill sets are being evaluated and positions determined. Please make an effort to schedule your family vacations during June and July. Then please remember as the season progresses, multiple absences can significantly impede a team’s ability to reach their competitive performance potential. Please plan to be present!


The Hawks Cheer & Dance Program aims to keep the positives high and the negatives low! We will be focused on learning and improving skills, athleticism, citizenship, team work, respect, becoming competitive…and most importantly FUN! In keeping with the Pop Warner Code of Conduct, to support a unified team environment and ensure the best season possible…we expect positive, cooperative, uplifting behavior to be shown by all participants, coaches and parents alike. As a good athlete and team member, all Hawks Cheerleaders & Dancers are asked to bring their best attitude, work hard and remain focused and respectful, so that we may all get the most out of each practice!